Undergraduate Scholarships

The College of Geosciences has a limited number of scholarships available for incoming and continuing students (see list below).

Incoming freshmen should apply through the ApplyTexas website. The deadline is 1 December 2010.

Continuing students should apply through the University Scholarship Application available at https://scholarships.tamu.edu . Follow the link to the section dedicated to Geosciences. Students can also apply for department-level scholarships using this process. The deadline for continuing students to complete an application is 1 February 2010.

Road to Discovery Undergraduate Scholarships brochureFor additional information about scholarships from sources outside the academic world, please download the PDF Undergraduate Scholarships brochure or see next page.

Interested in a degree studying Environmental, Meteorology, or Earth Issues?

Geoscience Scholarships for Environmental, Meteorology or Earth disciplines (Geology or Geophysics) are funded through NASA and NSF (contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).

Scholarships for our undergraduates

  • College of Geosciences Endowed Scholarship 
  • Charlie Davis '60 Endowed Scholarship 
  • Lt. Col. Lee Victor Fritze '60 Memorial Scholarship in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Robert M. Golding, Jr. '88 Endowed Scholarship 
  • Marianne W. and Willard R. Green '53 Endowed Scholarship 
  • Joan & John Griffiths Endowed Scholarship in Atmospheric Sciences
  • Norma & Kenneth Harlan '55 Endowed Scholarship in Geosciences
  • TW Hillin '31 Endowed Scholarship 
  • Stuart P. Hinchey '81 Endowed Scholarship in Geology and Geophysics
  • Houston Oil & Mineral Scholarship in Geophysics 
  • Houston Oil & Mineral Scholarship in Geology 
  • James R. and Norine Jackson Endowed Scholarship in Geology and Geophysics
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ronald E. McAdams ’32 Scholarship in Geology 
  • Natalie '82 and Doug McGehee '81Endowed Scholarship 
  • Rosie M & Murry D Page Scholarship in Geology and Geophysics
  • Louis & Elizabeth Scherck Endowed Fellowship in Oceanography 
  • Ernestine P Scoggins Scholarship in Meteorology 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ray Scurlock '45 Scholarship in Geosciences 
  • James Sharp Memorial Fellowship
  • Carlton D Speed '26 Memorial Scholarship 
  • Jody & Worthy Ray Warnack ’52 Endowed Geosciences Scholarship 
  • Richard A and Mollie B Williford Dean’s Scholarship
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