Minor in Oceanography

Sunset on the bow of a research vessel.Oceanography is an interdisciplinary science that focuses on the oceans, their contents and their boundaries.

The Department of Oceanography offers a 15-credit Minor in Oceanography that includes selection of courses, research, and thesis opportunities. Through this flexible program you can integrate an extended level of understanding, proficiency, and achievement in ocean studies into your undergraduate education.


Students must already be enrolled in an undergraduate program at TAMU. The Minor requires a total 15 hours of study with two tracks to choose from; all courses (15 credit hours), or a combination of course work (9 credit hours) and a Minor thesis (6 credit hours).

The all-course track offers undergraduates the opportunity to devote 15 hours of study to broaden their oceanographic perspective or to focus and increase their knowledge of a specific ocean topic. There are 8 undergraduate courses available in the classroom as well as course credits for individual pursuits of special topics, directed studies, and research with a member of the Department's faculty.

The thesis track provides 9 hours of courses coupled with 6 hours of individual work for the completion of a thesis. The minor thesis is a stand-alone documented oceanographic study by the student that can be used to prepare for graduate school.

Several students have combined their Oceanography Minor work with the University Graduate Research Fellow Program and the Honors Thesis track of the University Honors Program. Available Honors sections are indicated by * in the course list below.

The following courses may count toward a Minor in Oceanography:

  • OCNG 251* (3 cr.) - Oceanography
  • OCNG 252* (1 cr.) - Oceanography Laboratory
  • OCNG 401* (3 cr.) - Introduction to Oceanography
  • OCNG 410 (3 cr.) - Introduction to Physical Oceanography
  • OCNG 420 (3 cr.) - Introduction to Biological Oceanography
  • OCNG 430 (3 cr.) - Introduction to Geological Oceanography
  • OCNG 440 (3 cr.) - Introduction to Chemical Oceanography
  • OCNG 451 (3 cr.) - Mathematical Modeling of Ocean Climate
  • OCNG 485* (1-4 cr.) - Directed Studies
  • OCNG 489* (1-4 cr.) - Special Topics in Oceanography
  • OCNG 491* (1-4 cr.) - Research
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