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Welcome prospective students! On these pages you can learn more about studying Geology & Geophysics at Texas A&M. We are proud of our tradition of excellence and the fact that we’re still “Digging It” after 86 years. We are one of the few geology programs in the country who still sponsor a six-week field geology course that most students claim is the educational experience of a lifetime! We also offer several geological short courses that let students get their hands dirty while learning how to observe, analyze and interpret the geology and geophysics in Texas and adjacent regions.

Explore these links and the rest of our site. And make an appointment to visit us to find out if this is the right place for you!

  1. What are Geology & Geophysics?
  2. What do I Need?
  3. What Will it Cost?
  4. Transferring to Geosciences
  5. Curriculum and Financial Aid
  6. Petroleum and Environmental Geology Tracks
  7. Field Experiences
  8. Careers in Geology & Geophysics
  9. Who is My Advisor?
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