Soar with Atmospheric Sciences
Soar with Atmospheric Sciences

Our meteorology program introduces you to weather and forecasting, climatology, cloud physics, and remote sensing using radar and satellites.

  1. What Is Atmospheric Science?
  2. Admissions and Financial Aid
  3. Awards and Honors
  4. What Do I Need?
  5. What Will It Cost?
  6. Curriculum
  7. Transferring to Geosciences
  8. Facilities and Equipment
  9. Information about Geosciences minors
  10. Secondary Science Teaching
  11. Careers in Atmospheric Sciences
  12. B.S. Meteorology
  13. Who Is My Advisor?


Working on Mars Time :: Interview with Texas A&M Student Keri Bean, intern at NASA

Meet the Stormchasers :: Atmospheric Science Aggies

Working on Mars Time: Interview with Keri Bean

Meet the Stormchasers: Atmospheric Science Aggies

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